Celebrate the New Year with Caviar, Cheese, Salumi… and Todaro!

Dec 27 2014

Celebrate the New Year with fine flavors that make for classic entertainment at home, or where ever you plan to ring in the New Year.

American Hackleback Sturgeon
In the rivers and lakes of Tennessee and Illinois, the wild Hackleback sturgeon makes its home. When mature, “American Caviar” features a small, black-to-dark brown bead that’s easy to love.

Paddlefish is known for producing delicate caviar that consists of a gentle smokey flavor. It is often dubbed “first-timer’s caviar” as its subtle flavors, minimal salt content, and lack of aftertaste make it a perfect fit for those newly introduced to caviar.

Farmed Imperial Osetra
Fresh, fruity and utterly delectable, our Ossetra is defined by a nutty flavor and firm, juicy grains ranging in color from a light to a warm, rich brown. As we grade each year’s harvest, we settle for only the best. Its taste would impress even the Tsar.

Locally made Cacciatorini  13.98lb
Wild Boar Cacciatorini. We trim the shoulder meat of feral hogs and blend it with our heirloom spices. The result is a slightly sweet and robust flavor.

Locally made Sopressata 13.98lb
Wild Boar Sopressata. The same as our Sopressata, only we’re using wild boar meat trimmed off the shoulder. It has a slightly sweet robust flavor.


Felino 24.98lb
Often considered the king of Italian salame, Felino is traditionally made in the Parma region of Italy. Stuffed in a thick natural pork casing called culare, the fresh meat is then aged extremely slowly to achieve its legendary smooth texture and aroma.

Finocchiona 24.98lb
Our Finocchiona is seasoned with wild fennel seeds which give it an alluring cool, sweet flavor – an intriguing balance to the mellow texture and aroma of 90-day aged coarse ground fresh pork. We use an imported, natural, double-layered pork casing cut and stitched together to reach gigantic proportions. Not only spectacular in its looks but outstanding in its taste.

Rosette De Lyon 17.98lb
Our Rosette de Lyon is a testament to what you can create with seasonings, wine and coarsely chopped meat, slow-aged to mellow perfection. This take-anywhere country-style favorite is as much at home in a picnic basket as it is on a baguette. The Fiore has been left on for an authentic look.

Delice de Bourgogne  9.98ea
This classic triple cream is made with an extra helping of butterfat, which elevates the silkiness of rich cow’s milk to insanely decadent heights. When fully ripe, the soft creamline takes over the interior layers of the cheese, leaving only a touch of firm paste at its heart. This is when Délice de Bourgogne is at its best

Chaource  9.98ea
Named after the small town in France where it has been made since the early 14th century, this cow’s milk cheese is reminiscent of some of the most decadent triple crèmes, it is in fact only a double crème! The taste of Chaource has hints of mushrooms and a creamy, smooth finish. This cheese is absolutely wonderful paired with Champagne.

Explorateur  10.98ea
Produced in small 9oz. cyclinders, Explorateur is typical of many French triple cream cheeses in that it is mold ripened and covered with a white, bloomy rind. The interior paste of the cheese is an ivory color with a dense, but quite fluffy texture.

La Tur 11.98
La Tur is a young, delicate cheese made from a blend of sheep’s, cow’s and goat’s milk.  The rind on La Tur is soft and wrinkled, and the flavors are light and delicate, tasting of creme fraiche, mushrooms and grass with a slight tang. La Tur is very accessible and balanced and makes it an ideal cheese for a wide variety of wine pairings – especially those with honey or floral notes.

Selles Sur Cher  7.98ea
This delicious taste is reminiscent of the gentle valleys life of the Loire and the Cher. The more it is aged, the Selles sur Cher character becomes more pronounced and its nutty flavour is accentuated. At the first taste the Selles sur Cher is faintly heavy and elastic; this is followed by a softening as it melts in ones mouth. The fine wood charcoal covering is subtly tainted blue.

St. Marcellin  4.98ea
Saint Marcellin is even creamier, The nutty and fruity flavor is complex. made from cow’s milk. This cheese was born many centuries ago from goats milk. Saint-Marcellin is today produced from cow’s milk. It has a light, subtle acidic taste and gives off a vegetable and nutty aroma. The cheese has a soft pâte and should be eaten in a creamy state.

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