Ingredients to Love: Celebrate Valentine’s with Todaro!

Feb 11 2015

Valentine’s Day is fueled by love and the recipe of love has many key flavors. With aphrodisiacs, and heart-swooning tastes aplenty, allow Todaro Bros. to be your cupid of-the-palate, with our delicious and enticing Valentine’s breakdown to love.

First up – try a little amuse-bouche! French for ‘amuse the mouth’, these small, delicious little bites of food often given at the beginning of a meal to entice the appetite. This simple, tapas-like appetizer can be shared and eaten easily. Get flirty by  taking sliced pear, chunks of blue cheese (we recommend our Roquefort or Mountain Gorgonzola) and a small dollop of our delicious Todaro Bros.’ Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam. Light and delicious.

These ingredients can also be used to form a simple salad with the addition of some arugula, walnuts and a drizzle of EVOO.

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