Valentine’s Day

Ingredients to Love: Celebrate Valentine’s with Todaro!

Feb 11 2015

Valentine’s Day is fueled by love and the recipe of love has many key flavors. With aphrodisiacs, and heart-swooning tastes aplenty, allow Todaro Bros. to be your cupid of-the-palate, with our delicious and enticing Valentine’s breakdown to love.

First up – try a little amuse-bouche! French for ‘amuse the mouth’, these small, delicious little bites of food often given at the beginning of a meal to entice the appetite. This simple, tapas-like appetizer can be shared and eaten easily. Get flirty by  taking sliced pear, chunks of blue cheese (we recommend our Roquefort or Mountain Gorgonzola) and a small dollop of our delicious Todaro Bros.’ Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam. Light and delicious.

These ingredients can also be used to form a simple salad with the addition of some arugula, walnuts and a drizzle of EVOO.

LOVE BITE: Heart Shaped Steaks

Feb 11 2015

Serve your heart on a platter this Valentines. Nothing says you’re serious about romance like a mouth watering Todaro Bros. steak created exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Simply, ask for the custom-cut at our Meat Department counter… It couldn’t be easier.

Follow our tips for grilling steaks to perfection and take your entree up a few love notches by incorporating this fantastic Porcini and Bacon Sauce Recipe.

Quick and easy tips to making a great steak:

1. Take your premium cut Todaro steak out of the refridgerator and make sure it is room temp. prior to cooking.

2. Salt generously with sea salt and some fresh black pepper.

3. Make sure you pan is very hot (Test with a flick of water, should sizzle and splatter immediatly.)

4. Grill approx. three minutes on each side, give or take for preference, allow steaks to get a nice carmalized exterior while maintaining a relativley pink interior.

5. 30 seconds prior to taking steaks off, finish with a tablespoon of butter per steak (if not more.)

6. Finally, and very important, let steaks rest for at least five minutes prior to serving. This keeps the juices in and allows the essential flavor of the meat to reach it’s climax. while maintaining a relativley pink interior.

More V-Day Ideas: Brie de Meaux and Onion Tart Heart

Feb 11 2015

With its rich and herbaceous flavor and hints of mushroom, this exceptional Brie carries a pronounced aroma, buttery texture and deep flavor. Sounds a bit like falling in love?

Brie de Meaux is perfect paired simply with fresh baguette rounds and fresh berries. Or, if you fancy something a bit different for your love night, throw a lucious tasty tart in to the mix. Brie de Meaux as the star of your tart will have your Valentine purring with satisfaction. Soooo simple, and so very good!

Brie de Meaux and Onion Tart Heart


– Puff pastry
– 3-4 onions
– 8 ounces Brie de Meaux

Preparation: Chop the onions into large pieces, and fry slowly in butter at a low heat, until soft and slightly browned. Unroll the pastry (or roll it, if you are making it yourself). With large heart cookie cutter cut puff pastry in heart shape. Spread the onions out on the pastry. Cut the cheese into chunks about 2cm across, and spread these evenly across the tart. Cook for about 20 minutes at 220 degrees. The cheese will have melted, and flowed into the onions and pastry.