Celebrate the New Year with Caviar, Cheese, Salumi… and Todaro!

Dec 27 2014

Celebrate the New Year with fine flavors that make for classic entertainment at home, or where ever you plan to ring in the New Year.

American Hackleback Sturgeon
In the rivers and lakes of Tennessee and Illinois, the wild Hackleback sturgeon makes its home. When mature, “American Caviar” features a small, black-to-dark brown bead that’s easy to love.

Paddlefish is known for producing delicate caviar that consists of a gentle smokey flavor. It is often dubbed “first-timer’s caviar” as its subtle flavors, minimal salt content, and lack of aftertaste make it a perfect fit for those newly introduced to caviar.

Farmed Imperial Osetra
Fresh, fruity and utterly delectable, our Ossetra is defined by a nutty flavor and firm, juicy grains ranging in color from a light to a warm, rich brown. As we grade each year’s harvest, we settle for only the best. Its taste would impress even the Tsar.

Locally made Cacciatorini  13.98lb
Wild Boar Cacciatorini. We trim the shoulder meat of feral hogs and blend it with our heirloom spices. The result is a slightly sweet and robust flavor.

Locally made Sopressata 13.98lb
Wild Boar Sopressata. The same as our Sopressata, only we’re using wild boar meat trimmed off the shoulder. It has a slightly sweet robust flavor.


Felino 24.98lb
Often considered the king of Italian salame, Felino is traditionally made in the Parma region of Italy. Stuffed in a thick natural pork casing called culare, the fresh meat is then aged extremely slowly to achieve its legendary smooth texture and aroma.

Finocchiona 24.98lb
Our Finocchiona is seasoned with wild fennel seeds which give it an alluring cool, sweet flavor – an intriguing balance to the mellow texture and aroma of 90-day aged coarse ground fresh pork. We use an imported, natural, double-layered pork casing cut and stitched together to reach gigantic proportions. Not only spectacular in its looks but outstanding in its taste.

Rosette De Lyon 17.98lb
Our Rosette de Lyon is a testament to what you can create with seasonings, wine and coarsely chopped meat, slow-aged to mellow perfection. This take-anywhere country-style favorite is as much at home in a picnic basket as it is on a baguette. The Fiore has been left on for an authentic look.

Delice de Bourgogne  9.98ea
This classic triple cream is made with an extra helping of butterfat, which elevates the silkiness of rich cow’s milk to insanely decadent heights. When fully ripe, the soft creamline takes over the interior layers of the cheese, leaving only a touch of firm paste at its heart. This is when Délice de Bourgogne is at its best

Chaource  9.98ea
Named after the small town in France where it has been made since the early 14th century, this cow’s milk cheese is reminiscent of some of the most decadent triple crèmes, it is in fact only a double crème! The taste of Chaource has hints of mushrooms and a creamy, smooth finish. This cheese is absolutely wonderful paired with Champagne.

Explorateur  10.98ea
Produced in small 9oz. cyclinders, Explorateur is typical of many French triple cream cheeses in that it is mold ripened and covered with a white, bloomy rind. The interior paste of the cheese is an ivory color with a dense, but quite fluffy texture.

La Tur 11.98
La Tur is a young, delicate cheese made from a blend of sheep’s, cow’s and goat’s milk.  The rind on La Tur is soft and wrinkled, and the flavors are light and delicate, tasting of creme fraiche, mushrooms and grass with a slight tang. La Tur is very accessible and balanced and makes it an ideal cheese for a wide variety of wine pairings – especially those with honey or floral notes.

Selles Sur Cher  7.98ea
This delicious taste is reminiscent of the gentle valleys life of the Loire and the Cher. The more it is aged, the Selles sur Cher character becomes more pronounced and its nutty flavour is accentuated. At the first taste the Selles sur Cher is faintly heavy and elastic; this is followed by a softening as it melts in ones mouth. The fine wood charcoal covering is subtly tainted blue.

St. Marcellin  4.98ea
Saint Marcellin is even creamier, The nutty and fruity flavor is complex. made from cow’s milk. This cheese was born many centuries ago from goats milk. Saint-Marcellin is today produced from cow’s milk. It has a light, subtle acidic taste and gives off a vegetable and nutty aroma. The cheese has a soft pâte and should be eaten in a creamy state.

August Cool Off: Top 5 Ways To Cooling Off!

Aug 1 2014


August is traditionally one of New York City’s hottest months. We all are struggling to keep it cool. One of the best ways to keep our air conditioners working efficiently is to keep our ovens and stoves off… but then, what do we eat? Going out to restaurants every night (or even a few times a week) is often not in the budget.

Well, there are many affordable options to going out, and we thought we’d provide you with our top five favorites:

1. Hydrate: Ice it up!
Hot coffee and tea are what get us through the morning… but on a hot morning, sometimes refreshment is what we need. Ice it up for instant refreshment! Try preparing your pot of coffee the night before and stick it the refrigerator. Icing your tea? There are some great flavor options. Crushed berries, adding citrus, pineapple, lemonade, and mint are ways to twist that traditional hot tea into a beverage dressed for summer. Get some of the best coffee in NYC >

2. Salads
Fresh Summer Salads are a great way to turn that off and that entree plate into something fit for summer. Sliced proteins and cheese are great ingredient additions that can turn what is traditional side into a complete center-of-plate. Even sliced prosciutto can transform a basic vegetable into entree gold.

3. Use Your Grill (Patio or take it to the park!)
Don’t forget how the grill can turn anything into awesomeness. The grill keeps the oven off, and the heat outside where it belongs! Don’t have a patio? There are really cheap grill options available (support local!) and dinner at the park provides instant entertainment and social opportunities, as well. (Make sure to bring some business cards). Elevate your BBQ with our Signature BBQ Sauces >

4. Picnic
Who says dinner needs to be seared or sautéed? Go on a picnic! NYC evenings are some of the most beautiful we’ve experienced. Pack up some tasty antipasto, quality cheeses, fruit, maybe even a couple of sandwiches and of course a bottle of vino… Need some picnic ideas? Stop into Todaro’s! We are here to help. Learn about our sandwich offerings >

5. Ice Cream!
A nice bowl of ice cream is cool, comforting and a great way to end the day. Throw is some fresh berries, a dollop of whipped cream and smother it with some of our Todaro Signature Dessert Toppings which made from quality ingredients and available in 4 original, delicious flavors. Discover our Todaro Signature Toppings >

Celebrate 4th of July with Todaro Bros.

Jun 30 2014


After five years on the Hudson River, New York City’s Fourth of July fireworks display is returning to the East River! Three barges will be positioned near the Brooklyn Bridge, giving Lower Manhattan a front row seat to the explosive event.

Some of the area’s best viewing is just blocks away from Todaro Bros. Murray Hill storefront, but where ever you choose to watch the display, choose Todaro Bros. for your pre- and post revelry grub-getting.

Grab a $10 Todaro Bros. Lunch Box, complete with gourmet sandwich, side or salad choice, along with 2 fresh baked cookies (drink not included).

Quick Tips for the Best Summer BBQ

Jun 3 2014


It’s officially BBQ Season. Are you ready? Here are some quick tips on making the most of your grill and getting the best flavor out of your meat, fish and poultry:

TIP ONE: Meat Rubs.

If you like your meat juicy, tender, and flavorful, there is one simple ingredient that can improve all three: Salt. Salt is a flavor amplifier, it suppresses the impression of bitterness, and it actually expands your taste buds. A blend of spices and herbs, it delivers more flavor per square inch than any marinade.

Spice Rubs not only add tons of flavor (more flavor per square inch than marinating), they also help create that perfect crust and seal in juices. Also, if you’re in a hurry, a dry rub will permeate the meat faster than a liquid marinade.

How to use a Spice Rub? Apply it a few hours before cooking or even a day in advance. It is a good strategy to work the rubs under the skin of chicken and turkey.

Check out our great array of Todaro Signature Meat Rubs >

TIP TWO: Marinating & Injecting.

The big issue with marinades is that they don’t penetrate very deeply. However, there is great benefit even as a surface enhancement,  as they help with browning and adding flavor, color and terrific aromas. The surface enhancement also help with browning and crust formation.

A more effective method to truly tenderize, flavor and penetrate the meat is to inject the marinade using a tool that you can get at any kitchen supply store. By injecting, you add moisture and flavor. Injecting also effectively drives flavor down toward the center of the meat.

Check out our great array of Todaro Signature Marinades >

TIP THREE: The Secret is in the Sauce.

Pack in lots of flavor with a BBQ sauce which goes on just before serving.

Depending on the cooking temp and the type of sugar, a sweet sauce can get gummy or even burn. So apply the sauce at the end of the cook, just long enough to heat it and cook it without burning it. Also, most sauces benefit from baking on the meat. If you’re finishing your ribsTry low and slow at about 225°F,  adding the sauce a30 minutes before removing the ribs.

Check out our great array of Todaro Signature BBQ Sauces >


Now Carrying M’o Il Gelato!

May 22 2014


Just in time for summer, we are proud to carry one of NYC’s favorite, and authentically Italian gelatos, M’o.

M’o is born from the love of true Italian gelato, simple and delicious. That’s why the insistence here is on quality. 

Each flavor has a unique recipe that was created by their master gelataio and is made every day in small batches to ensure absolute freshness. Pistachios and hazelnuts are from Italy, milk comes from a local farm and produce is fresh and local. M’o uses nothing artificial because they believe that you can taste the difference and they really care about your health.

M’o consists of the initial and final letters of the name of the founders, but in Italy also means “finally!” and this is the spirit that drives them: to set the standard for authentic gelato at its best.

So stop on in to cool off, and to savor one of NYC’s best Italian secrets.

NEW! Ariston Infused EVOO and Balsamic Vinegars from Greece.

May 6 2014


Todaro Bros. is proud to announce the Ariston Infused Olive Oil and Vinegar line. Greek for ’the very best’, the Ariston line is from Messinia region, and are super premium Greek extra virgin olive oil expertly infused with unique natural flavor combinations that will give your recipes and culinary applications newfound complexity of flavor.

The uniquely flavored EVOO and Balsamic flavors can be used as finishing touches for fish, vegetables or including in dressings and marinades… and the balsamics can be drizzled over fresh fruit and ice cream. Olive Oil flavors include Basil, Lemon, Rosemary, Blood Orange, and Chocolate. The  The infused balsamic flavors are Coffee Espresso & Chocolate, Honey, and Orange.

Olive oil flavors include:
   Basil, Lemon, Rosemary, Blood Orange, and Chocolate (5 Separate Flavors)    250ml $9.98
Balsamic Vinegars:
   Coffee Espresso & Chocolate, Honey and Orange. (2 Separate flavors)      250ml  $11.98

The World’s Finest Salts Are Here!

Apr 22 2014

We are happy to announce that we are carrying some of the finest salts on the planet!

The finest chefs use the finest salts to create their masterpieces. Each rare salt has a distinct taste, color and character that enhances the flavor of meats, seafoods, vegetables and foods of all varieties.

We are now carrying the Maggiordomo sea salt line, a product line that seeks out only the finest salts available throughout the world. Each rare salt has a distinct taste, color and character that enhances the flavor of meats, seafoods, vegetables and foods of all varieties.

We currently carry the entire gourmet salt line:

• Pacific Blue: $4.99ea
This solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is blended with activated charcoal (commonly used to ease stomach pains and indigestion). This salt is well served on red meats and fish.

• Fleur de Sel: $7.99ea
A special crystalline shape and high moisture content help this salt to dissolve slowly to deliver a full and balanced flavor. It is ideal for salads, cooked fresh vegetables, and grilled meats.

• Fumee De Sel: $7.99ea
This premium French Fleur de Sel is prized for its gentle smoke flavor with a savory hint of wine. The sea salt compliments the simplest dishes like eggs and potatoes. It is a dash of complexity to any cuisine.

• Cyprus Flake: $6.99ea
These unique pyramid shaped crystals have a fresh ocean flavor and a satisfying crunch. The flakes work classically well in finishing and roasting and also inject extraordinary character as a garnish.

• Sel Gris: $6.99ea
This salt has gained great fame in the mainstream culinary world as a high mineral, great tasting sea salt. It is ideal for cooking and baking.

• Murray River: $8.99ea
This sea salt has a wonderfully mild flavor. The crystals melt quickly and evenly making it a salt ideal for finishing, baking, and blending.

• Black Hawaiian: $6.99ea
This solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is blended with activated charcoal (commonly used to ease stomach pains and indigestion). This salt is well served on red meats and fish.

• Pure Ocean: $4.99ea
These full flavored pristine crystals are the perfect replacement for your current refined salt. It works great in the kitchen while cooking, as well as finishing your dish at the table.

• Applewood: $6.99ea
Yakima smoked salt is flaked sea salt that is smoked over real Yakima Valley applewood from Washington. It is especially tasty on red meats, salmon, and seafood.

• Alaea: $5.99ea
This traditional Hawaiian table sea salt is used to season and preserve. It is delicious and structurally savory when used on prime rib and pork loin.

Todaro Bros.’ January 2014 Specials!

Jan 3 2014

Bleu D’auvergne Cheese

reg 12.98lb    now 998lb

This cow’s milk blue has a creamier taste than Roquefort, which is made with ewe’s milk. Bleu d’Auvergne is best served at room temperature and is perfect in salad dressings; its creamy texture is suited for melting. Also delicious spread over fresh breads, a crisp cracker or on a slice of apple!


Italian Fontal Cheese
reg 998lb      now 498lb

This versatile northern Italian, Alpine gourmet favorite can be melted, shredded, or sliced and for grilled panini. It is a bit more mild and sweet than its aged cousin Fontina Valle d’Aosta. Pair with fresh fruit or dry salumi. Try as an ingredient for gratin potatoes or a delicious upgrade for your homemade pizzas!


Soignon Plain Goat Cheese Spread
reg 4.98ea        now 2.49ea

Soignon® Goat Cheese Spread features a pleasantly mild, yogurt-like flavor with a fresh, crisp aftertaste. This goat cheese’s light and creamy, easy-to-spread texture makes it ideal for breakfast bagels and provides a unique alternative to mayonnaise for sandwiches. It also melts readily into hot dishes, adding a light and distinctive flavor to a variety of recipes.


Highland Specialty Shortbread Cookies, 1kg
reg 20.98ea   now 12.98ea

This authentic Scottish shortbread import, draped in traditional Scottish tartan, is a delicious treat to be enjoyed on its own or dipped into a nice cup of  tea. They do not taste too buttery and rich, as some varieties of shortbread do. Crumbly, crunchy, and lightly sprinkled with sugar on top, their taste is mild, sweet and enticing. It is hard to stop at just one piece! 

Searching for Celle Sur Belle

Oct 10 2013

cellesSurBelle_blogEverybody’s looking for Celle Sur Belle Butter. We should know. Keeping tabs on what our customer’s want (and whatthey are searching for on the web,) is fundamental to Todaro Brothers ever-growing success. In the past few years it has become very clear that Celle Sur Belle is the fine, imported butter everyone from top chefs to pastry chefs and home chefs are trying to get in their hands on. It is one of the most searched for items on our site! But search no more! Todaro Bros. proudly offers Celle Sur Belle Butter which has been part of our inventory for quite some time now.

Hailing from the region of Celle Sur Belle, in the west of France, Celle Sur Belle Butter is an AOC cow’s milk butter that is rich and creamy with a well balanced texture and inviting flavor. Considered reminiscent of the ‘old world’ due to the time honored techniques of its procurement, Celles Sur Belle is made in barrel-shaped churns from cream matured for 24 to 36 hours. These methods allow for its award winning, distinctly pure and nutty characteristic to develop.

The need to use carefully made and slightly more expensive European import butters was not always thought necessary. Au contraire! It would seem the characteristics of butter can be as complex as that of cheese and for a similar reasons. It basically comes down to gastronomicas BFF, (best friend forever,) butterfat.

Fine European butter, like Celle Sur Belle,  consists of approximately 3% more butterfat than regular butter. This provides a creamier texture as well as a richer and indeed, more buttery flavor. Considering that the price point differentiating the two categories is smaller than ever, the consensus supports grabbing the ‘better butter’ every time.

Case and point, three of Todaro Bros. most popular butters (one of course being Celle Sur Belle) are from ‘across the pond.’ A wonderful, smooth and savory butter hailing from Southern England is Double Devon Cream Butter; at a slightly lower price point than Celle Sur Belle. Another contender, (and on the less expensive side) is well known, Isigney Ste Mere, also an AOC certified butter, but from Normandy in the northern region of France.

Butter was invented by the Scythians, a nomadic tribe from Iran back around 9000 B.C. However, it was the Gauls, who hailed from Celtica, (which would later help to give birth to what we know as France,) were the first to use butter for cooking and eating by itself; on bread or over grain dishes etc. It stands to reason then, that this general part of the world still procures the most favored and sought after butters in the world. When looking for that extra special ingredient, like Celle Sur Belle Butter, give Todaro Bros. a look in. We pride ourselves on always carrying the very best.



Todaro Bros. Is Jam-Packed with 5 New Signature Offerings

Aug 1 2013


Todaro Bros. has a Jam-Packed Summer planned with the introduction of 5 new homestyle Todaro Signature Jelly and Jam offerings: Damson Plum, Scuppernong Grape, Mscadine Grape, Elderberry and Pear Preserves.

Each of our new unique flavor offerings is made with all-natural ingredients and burst with old-fashioned, country-style flavor. Perfect for sandwiches, slathering over freshly baked breads, or adding a bit of gourmet ‘oomph’ to your weekend breakfasts.

Todaro’s unique Signature Jelly and Preserve range already touts a bevy of unique, gourmet flavor offerings, including: Fig Preserves with Ginger, Jalapeño Tangerine, Pumpkin Butter, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Tangy Strawberry Grapefruit.

All Todaro Signature Products are available online exclusively at First spread the jelly, then spread the word!