Quick Tips for the Best Summer BBQ

Jun 3 2014


It’s officially BBQ Season. Are you ready? Here are some quick tips on making the most of your grill and getting the best flavor out of your meat, fish and poultry:

TIP ONE: Meat Rubs.

If you like your meat juicy, tender, and flavorful, there is one simple ingredient that can improve all three: Salt. Salt is a flavor amplifier, it suppresses the impression of bitterness, and it actually expands your taste buds. A blend of spices and herbs, it delivers more flavor per square inch than any marinade.

Spice Rubs not only add tons of flavor (more flavor per square inch than marinating), they also help create that perfect crust and seal in juices. Also, if you’re in a hurry, a dry rub will permeate the meat faster than a liquid marinade.

How to use a Spice Rub? Apply it a few hours before cooking or even a day in advance. It is a good strategy to work the rubs under the skin of chicken and turkey.

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TIP TWO: Marinating & Injecting.

The big issue with marinades is that they don’t penetrate very deeply. However, there is great benefit even as a surface enhancement,  as they help with browning and adding flavor, color and terrific aromas. The surface enhancement also help with browning and crust formation.

A more effective method to truly tenderize, flavor and penetrate the meat is to inject the marinade using a tool that you can get at any kitchen supply store. By injecting, you add moisture and flavor. Injecting also effectively drives flavor down toward the center of the meat.

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TIP THREE: The Secret is in the Sauce.

Pack in lots of flavor with a BBQ sauce which goes on just before serving.

Depending on the cooking temp and the type of sugar, a sweet sauce can get gummy or even burn. So apply the sauce at the end of the cook, just long enough to heat it and cook it without burning it. Also, most sauces benefit from baking on the meat. If you’re finishing your ribsTry low and slow at about 225°F,  adding the sauce a30 minutes before removing the ribs.

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