August Cool Off: Top 5 Ways To Cooling Off!

Aug 1 2014


August is traditionally one of New York City’s hottest months. We all are struggling to keep it cool. One of the best ways to keep our air conditioners working efficiently is to keep our ovens and stoves off… but then, what do we eat? Going out to restaurants every night (or even a few times a week) is often not in the budget.

Well, there are many affordable options to going out, and we thought we’d provide you with our top five favorites:

1. Hydrate: Ice it up!
Hot coffee and tea are what get us through the morning… but on a hot morning, sometimes refreshment is what we need. Ice it up for instant refreshment! Try preparing your pot of coffee the night before and stick it the refrigerator. Icing your tea? There are some great flavor options. Crushed berries, adding citrus, pineapple, lemonade, and mint are ways to twist that traditional hot tea into a beverage dressed for summer. Get some of the best coffee in NYC >

2. Salads
Fresh Summer Salads are a great way to turn that off and that entree plate into something fit for summer. Sliced proteins and cheese are great ingredient additions that can turn what is traditional side into a complete center-of-plate. Even sliced prosciutto can transform a basic vegetable into entree gold.

3. Use Your Grill (Patio or take it to the park!)
Don’t forget how the grill can turn anything into awesomeness. The grill keeps the oven off, and the heat outside where it belongs! Don’t have a patio? There are really cheap grill options available (support local!) and dinner at the park provides instant entertainment and social opportunities, as well. (Make sure to bring some business cards). Elevate your BBQ with our Signature BBQ Sauces >

4. Picnic
Who says dinner needs to be seared or sautéed? Go on a picnic! NYC evenings are some of the most beautiful we’ve experienced. Pack up some tasty antipasto, quality cheeses, fruit, maybe even a couple of sandwiches and of course a bottle of vino… Need some picnic ideas? Stop into Todaro’s! We are here to help. Learn about our sandwich offerings >

5. Ice Cream!
A nice bowl of ice cream is cool, comforting and a great way to end the day. Throw is some fresh berries, a dollop of whipped cream and smother it with some of our Todaro Signature Dessert Toppings which made from quality ingredients and available in 4 original, delicious flavors. Discover our Todaro Signature Toppings >

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